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WorldFengur is the studbook of origin for the Icelandic horse. WorldFengur is a web database program, which opens access to a database containing information on Icelandic horses in the membership countries of the FEIF (International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations). In Worldfeng you can find information about the Icelandic horse anywhere in the world.

In WorldFengur you can find comprehensive information on around 450.000 Icelandic horses all around the world e.g. pedigree, offspring, assessments, owners, breeders, BLUP, colours, microchips and more. Also, you can find about 20.000 pictures of breeding horses. These numbers are increasing every day.

For breeders in Iceland to get access to the program and service, contact RML, by phone; +354 516 5000 or by e-mail;
Attention! Some of the information and instructions below, apply only horse-owners and breeders in Iceland. For breeders outside of Iceland please contact your local Icelandic horse Association or the authorities that register horses born in your country.

About WorldFengur
WorldFengur (WF) is a computer program which gives access to an international database of the Icelandic horse, sent in by horse-breeders and horse owners. The paddock “heimaréttin” is a feature where you can see immediately a list of all your horses. The paddock gives you current information of your horses and make a correction to any of information on the horses you own, simply click on the speech bubble icon all the way to the right, and a window will open that allows you to send a comment on that horse to WF. In Iceland horse-owners and breeders take care of basic registration such as a basic register of birth of foals, a change of ownership, a record of fate and more.

How can Icelandic horse breeders register in the database?
By contact the Icelandic Agricultural Advisory Center (RML - Ráðgjafarmiðstöð Landbúnaðarins) you can request an assigned series of numbers that are related to the origin of your horses. The last three digits of the birth number are these numbers. Information on how the birth number is structured can be found below.

Participants in WF's reporting are required to record mares' pregnancies, use of stallions, born foals, castration, status of life, change of ownership and custodian. The purpose of these registrations is to give the database the most realistic picture of the horse population at any given time.

All members of the Icelandic Horsemanship Associations have a free access to WorldFeng through their associations. Members, however, need to contact their association to be assigned access. A subscription to WF can also be purchased directly from RML. 

What does the FEIF-ID (birth number) say?
All FEIF-IDs the year of birth, the sex, the region and the location of the breeding ( the breeders number).

Here is an example:
What can we read from the following number IS1999187196?

What can we read from the following number IS2019253810?

If a horse owner / breeder does not have access to the database to register digitally, then the appropriate registration form must be submitted to the office of RML. Registration of foals can also be submitted by the person who takes care of the microchipping of the foal. All required information must be filled out on the form. In addition to the microchip number, the following information is required: year of birth, gender, origin, colour, kin, breeder, owner and person responsible. If the breeder is not already registered for numbers of origin in WF, he will receive the next available number in the region. The form can be submitted on the RML homepage or in person at one of the RML offices (only in Iceland). Requests and registration-forms can be sent to the following addresses: and

Clear and correct information of the data is the basis of all data processing and calculations carried out by WF and indispensable for successful breeding.

More information and instruction how to operate Worldfengur can be found here:
Worldfengur for beginners

Rules regarding Breeding names
It is possible to apply for a special "Breeding name" and have it registered to you. These Breeding names will replace the origin of horses bred by the person in question after the Breeding name has been registered and published. You can apply for a "Breeding name" to the Icelandic Agriculture Advisory Center on a specific form (Application for a Breeding name).

An individual can apply, as well as a company or an association.

The Breeding Name is registered to the breeder in question and no one else is permitted to use it without the authorization of the Breeding name holder. Breeding names shall be registered in WorldFengur along with all relevant information concerning the matter.

The history of Breeding name holders shall be registered in WorldFengur.

Fees for Breeding names are as follows:

  • Starting fee is ISK 75.000
  • Yearly fee is ISK 10.000
  • The fee for signing a Breeding name over to another person is ISK 25.000
  • If a breeder does not pay the yearly fee he/she risks losing the Breeding name.
  • The Icelandic Agriculture Advisory Center can re-issue a Breeding name if yearly fees are still in debt a year after their due date.
  • A Breeding name holder can transfer his/her breeding name over to someone else. Such a change needs to be reported to the Icelandic Agriculture Advisory Center on a specific form (Transfer of a Breeding name).
  • A horse breeder can register more than one Breeding name.
  • It is not allowed to use the name of a registered farm as a Breeding name.
  • It is not allowed to use the name of a town, county or nation as a Breeding name.
  • Breeding names must meet Icelandic grammar rules and fit the language.
  • Registered trademarks are not allowed as Breeding names unless owned by the breeder in question.
  • A Breeding name is registered to the horse for its lifetime, as is customary with the place of origin. It does not matter whether the Breeding name has later been cancelled or not.
  • Information on all Breeding names shall be published in WorldFengur along with information on their holders.
  • The Horse Breeding Advisor of the Icelandic Agriculture Advisory Center reviews applications for Breeding names and decides if they meet standards. In cases of doubt specialists should be consulted.

It should be stressed that rules on the origin of horses have not changed; horses should be registered as originating from farms or towns. The Breeding names are first and foremost for those who do not live on a registered farm but would still like to specify their breeding with a particular name.

Contact person is Steinunn Anna Halldórsdóttir, tel: 516-5045, email: .

FEIF Naming Rules

The naming of Icelandic horses in WorldFengur
Horses can be registered in WorldFengur with name and origin. Each horse can have a maximum of two names in combination. Horses must be given names before (and cannot be changed after) they are shown at a breeding show, or they compete in an official FEIF competition registered in WorldFengur. The name of a horse cannot be changed after they have a registered offspring in WorldFengur. Horse owners can use the list of horse names in WorldFengur (which includes allowed names) as a reference. If the name they want to use is not in the list, they can apply for it and if the name is allowed, it is added to the list.

The following rules apply for names of Icelandic horses registered in WorldFengur:

  • The names that are registered in WorldFengur shall be in Icelandic and in accordance with Icelandic grammar and spelling.
  • The name shall be masculine for a stallion/gelding and feminine for a mare, neuter names and names consisting entirely of initials are not allowed.
  • Names that have a vulgar or obscene meaning, names considered in poor taste, or names that may be offensive to religious, political or ethnic groups are not allowed.
  • A preposition or grammatical equivalent to the word „from“ in the native language shall be used; the Icelandic preposition „frá“ and „fra“ will also be accepted.